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Chihuahuas the Big Little Dog

Looking for a first dog? Considering which breed to get? When looking for a loyal friendly companion the Chihuahua may be the one.

People with small children may want to consider a different pet because these small dogs are also very delicate and children can accidentally hurt them without meaning to. However, if the pet owner is comfortable with the level of his child’s responsibility, they are excellent pets.

Apartment dwellers that are restricted from having larger pets can usually keep Chihuahuas with the landlord’s permission. Chihuahuas come in many different colors from the tan color of the Taco Bell dog, to white with spots, black and tan, black, white, orange, grey, silver, blue and many mixtures in between.


Types of Chihuahuas

All Chihuahuas are members of the Toy Dog Breed but American Kennel Club standards disqualify any dog over 6 pounds for a show dog. They can be either long haired or smooth haired with different requirements for the coats. Smooth haired dogs should be of soft texture, close and glossy. In long coated dogs, the coat should be of a soft texture, either flat or slightly wavy, with undercoat preferred.

The most familiar type is the Apple Head Chihuahua with shorter legs, a barrel shaped body, a round high forehead, and a shorter nose. The Apple Head is the accepted breed for the AKC. Deer Chihuahuas with a deer shaped head with longer bodies are also common but they don’t meet AKC’s breed standard. They range in size from a teacup, which fits inside a teacup when six weeks old, (Not officially sanctioned as a breed type), and often are 2 or 3 pounds when grown, up to 10 to 15 pounds for larger Chihuahuas.

World’s Smallest Dog

Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest dog and many of the stereotypes are simply not true. If they are socialized when they are puppies and are not removed from their moms too soon they are friendly and eager companions. If they are taken from their litter too soon they can become neurotic and yippy. If they aren’t around other people or dogs when they are puppies they can become unfriendly toward strangers.

Chihuahuas seem to think that they are big dogs in a small dog’s body and they will try to protect their owners even when confronting a much larger animal. Often they do better if you have more than one as they do like company.

Pet Care for Chihuahuas

Because of their small size Chihuahuas should be kept with their mothers longer than bigger dogs normally would. They should be at least 9 or 10 weeks old before they go to their new home. With proper care and nutrition they can live up to 20 years but the average life span is around 15 years. This is longer than many of the larger breeds live.

Since they are so small they do not eat much and they are prone to low blood sugar attacks if they don’t have food available for them at all times. If your pet has a low blood sugar attack you should recognize the signs: they will become lethargic and their gums and ears will start to turn pale and their eyes may start rolling into the back of their heads.

If this happens don’t panic, get some corn syrup and rub it on their gums or keep some Nutri-cal or other nutritional supplement on hand to give to them the boost that they need. If they don’t revive within about fifteen minutes then a trip to the vet may be in order. Most likely if they have good quality food available this won’t happen but it is good to know if necessary.

Purchase your little dog from reputable Chihuahua dog breeders and it should be an excellent companion. Don’t be afraid to ask the Chihuahua dog breeder questions. The good ones are not afraid to answer them. Take the time to choose the proper Chihuahua and it will be a good solid companion for many years to come.