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Her name is Inna.

She is a show girl. She's almost 2. We've been having lots of fun getting to know each other. We've finally established that neither of us is the boss and we are both just fine with that. I got her from the Agoura SPCA almost a year ago. She was very timid and scared then, but now she is very confident and sure of herself.

Meet D.O.G. (Doogie)

AKA Coolest Dog in town. Loves all animals, especially kids, but loves his little sister the most. Found his owners 8 years ago in Hollywood, California. Has proven to be the most loyal and happy dog ever. Over the years D.O.G. has learned that the best things in life is called COOKIES, especially the homemade kind. (See the What's New Page for recipes.)


Here's a list of tricks we can do:
roll over
play dead
bark "yes" when asked for a treat
spin around on our back two legs

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